Air Venture has been selling and supporting paramotor equipment in Malaysis for 10 years and provides the most comprehensive service both in sales and support. With over 100 Nirvana paramotors sold into the region, we attribute our success to the quality of our backup services and availbility of spare parts. 

Nirvana Paramotors

Nirvana Paramotors are made in the Czech Republic and imported exclusively by Air Venture.  Nirvana Paramotoring gear is safe, reliable and portable with great looks and performance! For more information visit

Ozone Wings

The team at Ozone is comprised of pilots, including World and National Champions; they are all passionate fliers that love the simplicity and beauty of flight.

Flying is fun, it's your sport and you should enjoy it. Ozone's philosophy is to give you 'state-of-the-art' performance from paragliders that are safe and a pure pleasure to fly, whatever level of pilot you are.

Microavoinics Communications Headsets

MicroAvionics are the leading manufacturer of intercoms and headsets for open cockpit and foot launched aviation. Their ever expanding product range features ULM intercoms, Paramotor headsets, Gyrocopter Helmets & Intercoms, GA Headsets and Intercoms, Helmets & Visors, Strobe lights and Antennas.

Icaro Helmets

All our helmets are made in Italy and developed by Italian designer Ignazio Bernardi and with the assistance of the greatest Italian helmet developers. Icaro have been making helmets since 1992 and in the year 2013 and have sold more then 7,000 pieces. All our models are certified according to European Standard E.N. 966 - HPG/UL, 2 models also to the Ski standard E.N. 1077c ountry flights and social flying events


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